STORY ーWhy I created this web site?ー



I was in London.
First month from I arrived was really bad for me.
The reasons were living alone at first time, living on other country, poor my English etc,,,
But the biggest point is I’m bad at talking even though Japanese.
Every one in Language school is really friendly. But I had misery somewhat.

Actually, I did the best for studying English. My speaking skill got better and better.Also I made some friends there.


Oneday, Big turning point appeared.
For me, It was ,you know, Cooking Japanese foods!

In international Foods Exchanges, I cooked Sushi.
I’ve been good at cooking, but I never show the foods I cooked before,,,
All of them ’re really impressed and excited.
It was a splendid moment I never felt. I’m really happy. I spent good time with big smiling.
And I noticed that “I like giving something“. And it will make me really happy and cheerful. This is nearly really like Japanese feature, HaHa,

Japan Home Cooking’s Idea are From these great memories.