About This site & Me


About Japan Home Cooking

Japan Home Cooking is a site to introduce to you how to cook Japanese home-foods.

Japanese cuisine is getting more and more popular as Healthy foods around world.


Sadly, Everyone almost don’t know what true Japanese foods are as like Japanese eat everyday….

Actually Japanese home foods are really tasty!

Also there may be a lot of walls to cook Japanese dishes at your home.

I want you to know what Japanese dishes are, then you cook easily as possible.

So I made this Web site!


About Me




Interested in cooking foods



・I’m interested in acting and its technique in England, and went to London for studying acting in 2018.


・And then, I noticed other countries don’t know what Japanese foods are so much, so I try to tell how to cook Japanese home foods.

・Also I’m good at baking pastries.


・My hobbies are playing game, traveling, illustrating, and listening to instrumental music.