Chawanmushi, Steamed egg custard | Classic recipe from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Chawanmushi, Steamed egg custard 

This Japanese classic custard is not sweet! But there are lots of flavor!!

This food served all season, especially in Winter!!

Tender, and gentle taste this is.

The most important point you never forget is the amount of Dashi.

It’s JUST THREE times amount of eggs.

You can choose inside-ingredients freely.

If you have “umami” flavor you can use chicken, kamaboko(fish paste) or shiitake.

But you may avoid to use ingredients with high moisture content.



Eggs:  2~3pieces 

Dashi:  (it’s three times of Eggs amount)

At this time, we use Dashi from dried bonito flakes, and knob kelp.

Salt:   1/4tsp

ーInside Ingredientsー

Chicken breast:  20g

Kamaboko, Japanese boiled fish paste:  4pieces

Shitake mushroom:  1~2piece



Yuzu (sliced skins)



Remove the bottom of Shiitake. And Cut the shiitake into 4 pieces.


Cut the Kamaboko into quarter rounds sizes.


Cut the Mitsuba into 1~2cm sizes.



Cut the chicken 1cm dices, and pour boiled water on them to remove bad smell.

And sprinkle salt on them.

Set aside.


Beat the eggs as like touch the chopstick on the bottom of a bowl (not to whisk, not to contain air), and chop the egg white.

Mix the eggs , Dashi, and the salt.

Then stir well not to whisk. 

Strain The mixed dough to a strainer. 

Remove the egg white on the strainer.


Place the inside ingredients in heatproof containers.

We keep inside-ingredients that place in are about 1/5 amount for egg dough ,not to fail.


And pour the mixed dough quietly, until 80% of container.


Prepare boiled water.

Cover the aluminum foil the containers.

Place them on a large hotpot. 

Then pour boiled water on the hotpot until half of the containers.


Heat the medium.

Cook for 2min, then reduce to the low, and cook for 8min.

After that, turn down the heat, and cook for 8min. 


After waiting, check the condition,

It’s done that transparent juice comes out when pick the skewer in it.

(if you have) Place Mitsuba on it, and cook more 1min.


(If you have) just before serving, sprinkle Yuzu skins on them.



Serve warm!


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