Salty-sweet Stewed Fried-Burdock | Side foods from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Salty-sweet Stewed Fried-Burdock 

Honestly, Japanese people eat a lot of root vegetables.

Burdock is one of popular root vegetables in Japan.

This unique fragrance and texture make we love.

When it fried, the flavor changed little bit!

Please enjoy it with salty-sweet sauce and sesame!




Burdock:  about 200g(1piece)

Potato starch:  2tbsp


Sake:  2tbsp (rice wine)

Mirin:  2tbsp

Sugar:  2tbsp

Soy sauce:  2tbsp


Sesame seeds (white) : 1tbsp   (If you have)


Oil for frying




Wash the burdock with water.

And remove the skin little bit as like sliding edge of Knife.

Then, drain the water.

Slice the burdock into less than 2cm sizes.

Then soak them in water, wait for 2min, and drain.

Sprinkle with potato starch and mix.


Place the oil into a hot pot, and heat to 170℃ (338℉)

Add in the burdock as like spreading each piece.

Cook until little brown, and set aside on kitchen paper.


Place the ingredients of Seasonings on another hot pot.

Cook until it got thick little.

Add in fried burdock, and mix well on the low heat.

Add in the sesame seeds, and mix well.


Enjoy from your kitchen!!

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