Stewed Skipjack tuna(bonito) with Ginger | simple foods from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Stewed Skipjack tuna(bonito) with Ginger


You can refrigerate for up to 5 days.

It’s very convenient for Every busy morning, lunch or dinner time.

It can be served easily on the dining table in Japanese family as preserved food.

Skipjack tuna (Katsuo as Japanese name) is the season food in May!

It’s flavor but when cook on heat it has smells.

Ginger can remove fish smells. And it makes this sauce bit spicy.

Skipjack tuna and the sauce match well.

This food is really easy and flavor. 

It’s Simple directions!

I recommend you.


TIME: 20min

Skipjack tuna :  200g (Katsuo as Japanese name)

Ginger:  10g


Soy sauce:  3tbsp

Sake:  2tbsp  (rice wine)

Mirin: 2tbsp

Sugar:  1tbsp




Cut the Skipjack tuna into 1~2cm squares.

Then sprinkle with salt ,and wait for 10min.

Slice the ginger thin.


Place the Skipjack tuna in hot water until the surface changes the color.

Rinse with water, and drain them.


Place the ingredients of seasonings in a hot pot.

And cook until boiled.

Then, add in the Skipjack tuna and the ginger.

Cook on the low-medium until the liquid is 1/4 of the amount when place in.


Serve warm!

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