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How to cook Stirring fry of Daikon and pork with Black pepper

Daikon(Japanese white radish) is a ingredients of Japanese winter season.

At this time, we will season with salt and drain Daikon little bit.

Drained Daikon have bit crispy!

The taste will make this food more flavor.

Black pepper also make it refreshing!



Daikon:  600g  (Japanese white radish)

Thin sliced pork:  about 250g

Garlic: 3 piece

ーFor soaking meatー

Sake:  1 and half tbsp  (rice wine)

Potato starch :  1 and half tsp

Soy sauce:  1tsp

ーFor Cookingー

Sake:  1 and half tbsp (rice wine)

Ground Black pepper:  3g


Remove the skin from Daikon, and Cut 5cm longs, then cut into 8mm sticks.

After that, place into a bowl and sprinkle 1/2 tsp of Salt on it.

Mix them lightly and wait for 10min.

Then, press them by hands to dry.

Mix the pork with ingredients for soaking meat as like soaked.

slice the garlic.

Heat a frying pan and place 2/3 tbsp of cooking oil.

After the pan is heated, place the garlic and cook on the medium until it comes fragrance.

Place the pork into the pan, and cook on the medium.

When the pork change the color, add in the daikon.

Then, cook the daikon as like they are burned lightly.

After they are burned lightly, add in the ingredients for cooking.

And cook and mix lightly.


Serve warm!

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