Chicken Namban | chicken recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Chicken Namban

This food comes from the speciality of Miyazaki prefecture, Japan.

Tar tar sauce and Namban vinegar, the combination is so good. You will become addicted.

You wil remind this flavor sometimes. This food is it !!



Chicken breast :  500g (2 piece)

Eggs:  2


ーfor Namban vinegarー

Soy sauce:  4tbsp

Sugar:  3tbsp

Vinegar (cirial vinegar ):  5tbsp

Chili pepper:  little bit 

ーfor tartar sauceー

Mayonnaise:  4tbsp

Minced pickles:   2tbsp


Side veggies : cabbages sth,



Make some cuts  to cut open flatly, as like getting half thickness.

And cut into 8 pieces.

Season with salt &pepper little bit.


Place the ingredients for Namban vinegar in a hot pot.

Heat it until just before boiled. And set aside.

Mix the ingredients for tartar sauce well in a bowl.

And set aside.


Beat the eggs in a bowl.

Heat the hot pot for frying to 160℃(320℉)


Sprinkle the flour on the chicken.

And dip the chicken in the beaten eggs.

And cook fro 3~4min in the oil.

After that, soak in the Namban vinegar.

At least, wait for 5min.

Serve to eating plates.

And pour the tartar sauce as you like it.


Serve warm!

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