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How to cook Thin sliced Daikon and Chicken meatballs simple boil

The combination; chicken meatballs and plain Japanese white radish is very good!

The point is meatballs mixed ginger.

You could feel the Japanese rich taste form the soup used Dashi. 

This dish is gentle taste in ordinary life in Japan.



Daikon:  400g  (Japanese white radish)

Minced Chicken:  250g (thigh, breast, either part is ok)

ーFor meatballー

Ground Ginger:  1tsp

Sake (rice wine):  2tbsp

Potato starch:  1/2 tbsp

Salt:  1/3tsp

ーFor soupー

Dashi: 400ml

Mirin:  2tbsp

Soy sauce:  2tsp

Salt:  1/2 tsp 

ーFor seasoningー

Minced leek 



Remove the skin from the Daikon, and cut into 2mm circles by slicer or cutting knife.


Place the chicken into a bowl, and add the ingredients for meatball.

And mix well.


Place the ingredients for soup into a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Cook until boil, make meatballs by 2large spoons, and place into the frying pan.

Cook, turning over once, until meatballs change the color.

Then, skim the fat foam.

Add the Daikon, and cook on the low-medium for about 10min.

Then, serve to eating plate and season minced leek.


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