Fried- leek and Tofu |Tofu recipes

How to cook Fried- leek and Tofu

This recipe is like a soup.

Tofu is really gentry and smooth taste.

It’ll make you warm!

And cooked leeks by sesame oil are nice smelled to get to eat it.


For Topping


Tofu: 300g  (Kinu Tofu is better type than others)

Leek: 1piece

Green onions:  5piece


chicken soup: 300ml   (It’s easy to prepare you use soup stock.)

Soy sauce:  1tbsp

Mirin:  1tbsp


Potato starch with water (to get soup thickness )


Sesame oil 1tbsp

Black pepper


Drain Tofu lightly. (about 5min)

Slice the leeks & green onions finely.

Place the sesame oil on a frying pan.

And heat on the low. 

Add in the leeks.

Then cook until they get fragrance. (not to be brown)

Place the chicken soup, Soy sauce, Mirin, and salt.

Cook until they are just boiled.

Then, add in the Potato starch, and cook until they are thickness.



Crash Tofu roughly.

And place the tofu on the pan.

Cook ,stirring gently, until tofu are hot well.

Transfer to an easting bowl, and sprinkle pepper and the green onions on them.

Serve Warm!!


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