Naporitan | inspired Japanese recipes

How to cook Naporitan

This food is a famous inspired one from other countries.

It’s a nice Sweet spaghetti! using tomato ketchup.

You ‘ll love the taste from deep flavor from tomato ketchup !!



Spaghetti pasta: 200g

Onion: 200g

Sausages: 80g

Brown Mushrooms:  80g

Green Bell pepper:  3pieces

Garlic:  1piece

Tomato Ketchup: 120g


Salt and Pepper

Olive oil: 1tbsp


Cut the onion into half size. Then Slice into 5mm sizes.

Cut the mushrooms into 5mm sizes.

Remove the calyx and seeds from the green bell peppers.

Then cut 5mm sizes.


Mince the garlic roughly.

Cut the sausages into 1cm sizes.


Place 1tbsp of olive oil and the garlic in a frying pan. Cook on the low until they come fragrance.

Add in the onion and mushrooms like spreading, turn up to the strong-medium.

Add in some pinches of salt. Cook until they are brown.


Add in the sausages, cook until they are brown.


And bring to a boil by other hotpot. Boil the pasta by following package directions.

After boiled, mix a half tbsp of cooking oil, and set aside until the sauce is done.


Add in the green bell peppers, and cook lightly.


Add in the tomato ketchup, and mix roughly.

Just wait until ketchup are baked, turning over frequently.


Cook until they are brown from red.

Sprinkle some pinches of pepper, and mix well.


Turn off the heat and mix with the pasta.


Serve warm!

(If the taste was bit plain, add in more tomato ketchup as you like.)

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