Japanese stew; Chicken meatball and Chinese cabbage | stew recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Japanese stew; Chicken meatball and Chinese cabbage

I couldn’t wait to eat stewed dishes when winter came!!

How about you ?

This time, it’s a recipe you enjoy Japanese home stew flavor!

The ingredients are really simple! and cook so easily.

You’ll have fun ,with eating juicy chicken meatball.

For an accent, ginger; Japanese spice are in.

Plain soup and Chinese Cabbage are matching well.


This recipe is a kind of foods you’ll get Love for chill winter!!



Chinese Cabbage:  1/4pieces

ー Chicken Meatball ー

Minced Chicken (either part is ok.): 200g

Leek :  1/3piece

Ground Ginger:  2tsp

Salt :  1tsp

Potato starch: 1tbsp  

Water put “Chicken Soup Stock” in: 600ml   (follow soup stock package.)

cooking oil

Soy sauce: 2tbsp

Sugar: 2tsp

Sake(Rice wine): 1tbsp



Mince the leek.

Place the ingredients for Chicken Meatball in a bowl.

Add in little bit water , and Mix them well until they get stickiness.

Then, make meatballs, set aside on a plate.


Cut the Chinese cabbage into 4cm sizes.

Place cooking oil in a frying pan, and cook the Chinese cabbages lightly.


Place the Chinese cabbages into a hotpot. 

Add in the water put Chicken soup stock in.

Heat on the strong-medium.

Cook until just boiled.

Then, turn down the heat to the low.

Cook until the core of Chinese cabbages are bit clear .


Add in the chicken meatballs.

Cook until they are changed the color.

Then, add in the soy sauce, the sake, and the sugar.

Cook on the lowest fire.

Stew until at least 10min. The best is more 1hour.(until the Chinese cabbages are tender thoroughly.)


Serve warm!


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