Niku-Dofu ; Meat and Tofu | Japanese classic recipes

How to cook Niku-Dofu ;Meat and Tofu

You know?, the combination “Tofu and Meats” is in a lot of Japanese food.

Japanese know the combination is really tasty!

This recipe is one of that Japanese cooking. It’s a kind of Japanese Classic!


Sometimes , Tofu is too simple to make a decision what kinds of recipe is best for eating Tofu for us(not only other countries also Japanese).

Do you wanna know the good recipe to eat Tofu?

THIS is It!!    it’s one of simple recipes a lot of people like.



Honestly, Tofu when I see in fridge reminds me two recipes momentary, one is Chinese Mapo Tofu(麻婆豆腐) and the another is this Meat and Tofu(Niku-Dofu).

The interesting point is these tastes are different polarity! 

Even though both dish are used Tofu.


Mapo Tofu is really spicy and hot ,and Meat and Tofu is lightly sweet and heart warm taste(as like family hugging).


Enjoy your time to eat and taste the harmony of porks, onions, and Tofu in Japanese taste!


Time: about 20min

Thin-sliced Pork:  200g

Tofu: 1piece or 1 and half  

Onion: 1piece

Soy sauce: 4tbsp

Sake(rice wine): 4tbsp

Mirin: 3tbsp

Sugar: 1tbsp

Water: 100ml

Hon-dashi soup stock:  1/2tsp



Cut the Tofu into 8 peaces and place on kitchen papers to drain.

Draining is easy to taste Tofu.

The time is about 10min.


Cut the onions into wedge(10~12 peaces)


Place 1tsp of cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the low-medium.

Add in the porks, and cook until the pork’s fat melted. 

fat melted


Add in the onions and cook until the onions are tender.


Add in all the seasonings ,and cook until boiled.


After that, add in the Tofu.


Cook for about 5min.

Taste for seasonings and adjust as needed.

If it’s salty, add some of water. If you want strong taste, add more Soy sauce and Sugar.


It gets better after cooling it once.

Serve warm!!

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