Salmon and potato with Butter, Lemon, and Soy sauce

How to cook Salmon and potato with Butter, Lemon, and Soy sauce


Honestly, Autumn is one of best Season to eat Salmon in Japan.

So, at this time, it’s telling a salmon food which is made with say sauce.

For Lemon juice, the sour flavor fragrance get you hangry, and strengthen other spices.

It’s also support the soy sauce savory.

Please give you a chance to enjoy Salmon and potato by Japanese home taste!



Salmon:  2 fillets 

Potato:  2 pieces

Butter:  about 35g

Soy sauce: 2tsp

Lemon Juice:  2tbsp

Pepper: as you like

Dried Parsley:  as you like



Peel the potato, cut into half ,and cut into 1cm sizes.

Then, Cook in Microwave for 600w about 3min until pier through by the Bamboo skewers easily.

or Boil them.


Remove the skins of salmon , remove the boons from Salomon if you care ,and cut into 2cm sizes.


Place the butter in a frying pan, and cook until it’s melted.

Add in the salmon and cook until they are brown lightly.


Add in the potatoes, and mix with melted butter.

Add in the soy sauce, and cook lightly.


Reduce the heat to the low, sprinkle the lemon juice and place the lid on the pan.

Cook as like steam for 45sec.

Just before serving, sprinkle pepper and Dried Parsley.


Serve warm!

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