Non-fry Ver. Ton Katsu(Pork cutlets) | easy recipes

How to cook Non fry Ver. Ton Katsu(Pork cutlets)

This recipe is a way to cook except for deep frying ingredients.

You know, getting rid of used oil is humble for us. This way helps us to cook Ton Katsu easily.

Don’t worry!  The taste is not big different from Ton Katsu.

The ingredients are really simple. If you can’t get Panko bread crumbs, you can use toasted bread as like tearing finely. it can be substituted.

By the way, if you wanna check Original way to cook Ton Katsu, please click Here!


and I recommend when you eat it, please eat with Ton katsu sauce(or Japanese whistler sauce). you will Enjoy more!!



Pork (Loin) :  2pieces (about 200g)

Four with water (Ratio: 1tbsp:1tbsp)

Panko (bread crumbs) : 20g

Salt & pepper

Cooking oil



Place the Panko bread crumbs in a frying pan.

Heat on the medium.

Cook, stirring well, for about 3min, until they are brown well.

Then cool them in a container.


Beat the pork by something (ex. spoon).

Make some cuts in the between red and fat (to cut strings).

Pound the meat lightly and season with salt & pepper.


Cover the pork with the four with water.

Cover with the cooked panko.

Place the meat on the toaster, which grease cooking oil or put a cooking foil.

Cook for 8~12min.



Serve warm!

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