Tofu Gratin | simple recipes

How to cook Tofu Gratin

This is a food to enjoy the Tofu’s plain taste.

The point is tastes of Miso and Mayonnaise. They will make the sauce match to Tofu taste well.

There can be strong gentry flavor!

It’s really simple cooking. Please try it ! but you are free,



Tofu 1piece (300g)

ーWhite sauceー

Flour: 1tbsp

Milk: 300ml

Chicken soup stock: 1tsp

Mayonnaise: 2~3tbsp

Miso: 1/2tsp

Salt: some pinches

Pepper: some pinches


Cheese (which can be melt in oven): 3tbsp



Drain the Tofu.

 Warp the tofu with kitchen paper and put a weight on the tofu.

Wait for more 20min.


 Warp the tofu with kitchen paper and cook by microwave 600w 3min.

Then put a weight on the tofu. Wait for more 10min.


Mix the ingredients for the white sauce well.


Then, place in a hotpot and cook ,stirring well, until just boiled.



Cut the Tofu into 6pieces, and place in an oven plate.

And Pour the white sauce on the tofu.

Sprinkle the cheese.


Cook in a toaster for 8~10min.

Serve warm!!

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