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How to cook Ton Katsu(Japanese style Pork cutlets) 

TON KATSU is Japanese style Pork cutlet.

This food is simple that only dip in the dough and fry, But there are some points to cook more flavor.

Japanese bread crumbs called Panko is bit different from other countries.

So, Panko will be better if you have.

At this recipe, there is a way to fry but I’m making the one to cook by toaster.(Non-fry way)

BTW, Ton Katsu on rice is Katsu Don, on curry is Katsu Curry, and stewing with other ingredients is Katsu Ni.

There are many food with Ton Katsu! You’ll enjoy Japanese foods, if you see this recipe!!


When you eat just Ton Katsu, a lot of Japanese pour Ton Katsu sauce.

Ton Katsu sauce, with sesame, with Karashi Mustard, or Demi-glace sauce are good with Ton Katsu.




Pork (Loin): 300g 

Salt & Pepper

Egg(Beaten):  1

Flour: To cover pork

Panko (bread crumbs) : To cover pork



Pound the meat lightly.

Make some cuts in the between red and fat (to cut strings).

And season with salt & pepper.


Cover with flour, and pat off excess four.

 Then dip  in beaten egg.

 Cover with Panko breadcrumbs.

Follw the order! (four→egg→panko)


Heat the oil to 170~180℃ in a hotpot.

And fry them for about 4min, when cook  2min, turning over once, until they are brown.


Serve Warm!

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