Kinu Gasa Don | traditional recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Kinu-Gasa Don

This food is one of Japanese local foods!  it’s from Kyoto.

KinuGasa Don is a simple rice bowl used AburaAge and Kujo Negi (Kujo leek).

These ingredients are Kyoto local specialities!

This food is also called Kitsune Don (Fox Rice bowl) in Kansai region.

Honestly, I don’t know when AburaAge called Kitsune(Meaning;Fox).

A lot of foods used AburaAge are called “Kitsune something something”(in Japanese).

KINUGASA DON has Plain Rich taste, such as Kyoto taste.

it’s simple but AburaAge soaked Dashi well is beat taste!

Please Try , and Enjoy Kyoto rich taste!

If you didn’t kuJo leek, ordinal leek would be no problem!



Time: 10min

Abura-A ge: 1~2 sheets

Leek: half size to 1 piece.  Kujo Leek is much better if you have.

Dashi:  200ml   → How to make?

Mirin:  1tbsp

Sugar:  2tsp

Soy sauce:  1tbsp

Eggs: 2~3

Cooked rice:  about 300g (150g/person) →How to cook?

San-syo (Japanese spice) :  as you like it when you eat.


Seasonings Substitution



To do oil removing

Put a deep‐fried tofu on a strainer and pour hot water.

 remove the oil on the surface of ingredients fried by oil (deep‐fried tofu, deep‐fried minced fish , and smth). It’s for getting better to infiltrate a taste and flavor. then drain well by kitchen paper.


Cut half vertically and cut into 1.5cm sizes.

Slice leek thin diagonally.

Beat eggs in a bowl


Place Dashi, Mirin, Sugar, Sou sauce and Abura- A ge in a frying pan.

Cook on the medium until they are boiled. 

Then, add in the leeks. Cook until boiled again.


Pour around the eggs on the ingredients.

Wait for eggs are getting boiled, and Stir the eggs once.

Then turn off the heat. Place the lid on the pan. Wait for 1min, until eggs are half boiled.


Serve rive on an eating bowl, and place the cooked ingredients on rice.


Serve warm! 

Sprinkle San-syo, as adjusting taste, if you like


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