Taco Rice |Inspired Japanese recipes

How to cook Taco Rice

As the name suggests, Taco Rice is a Japanese food that is made from the idea of Tacos!

Curry powder add a spicy taste in minced meat, and cooked tomato ketchup has a nice flavor.

Soft boiled egg and cheese really match to Rice. It’ll make you big smile!!

This is the best food when you eat with refresh and getting back energy.

This food is from the idea of Mexican food, But this is not so hot. The people don’t like spicy food can enjoy eating.

Please wolf down!!



Minced meats (beaf and pork/ pork/ beaf either is ok)

:  300g

lettuce:  60g

Red onion:  20g

Tomato:  1piece


Tomato ketchup:  5tbsp

Curry powder :  1tsp

Lemon juice: 1 and 1/2tsp

Cheese (it can be melted easliy): 40g


Rice:  430g

Soft boiled Egg: 3

Tortilla chips:  some pinches  

Cooking oil: 1tsp

Salt &pepper (For adjusting taste): some pinches



Cut the red onions into very thin slices.

Rinse them by water, and drain them.

Cut the lettuces into 5mm sizes.


Cut the tomato into 1cm cubes. Sprinkle them with some pinches of salt and the lemon juice.

Set aside.


Place the cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the minced meats, and cook ,spreading on the pan, until the meats are heated through.

Then, add in the tomato ketchup and mix well.

Cook ,not stirring more, until ketchup is cooked and gets the roasted nice fragrance.

After that, Add in the Curry powder, and mix well.

Add in salt and pepper, and adjust the taste.

Turn off and set aside.


Cook Soft boiled egg (Onsen Tamago)

Palce 1L of water in a hotpot, and bring to a boil.

Then, turn off the heat, add in 200ml of water and eggs.

Palce the lid and just wait for 13min.

After that, transfer the eggs to a container, and wait for 3~4min.



Just before serving on a plate, heat the minced meats again until they are warm.

Serve the cooked rice on a plate.

Place the lettuces, the minced meats, the cheese, the onions, the tomato, and the soft boiled egg in order on the rice.

Sprinkle with crushed Tortilla chips.


Serve warm!!

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