Agedashi Tofu: Deep-fried Tofu |Japanese traditional recipes

How to cook Agedashi Tofu: Deep-fried Tofu


Agedashi Tofu is so delicious Especially when they are freshly made!

It’s one of cooking way to enjoy Tofu taste! some times, you can be lost how eat Tofu.

Let’s try to fry Tofu! with us?

Side dish’s eggplants are soaked in the mixed dashi well, It’s also so nice!

If you cook only fried eggplants, you’ll enjoy the flavor from your kitchen!



Tofu (Momen Tofu:木綿豆腐): 300g

Eggplants: 2~3pieces

ーFor Soaking sauceー

Dashi: 200ml →How to make dashi 

if you don’t have,,,

Soy sauce:  1and 1/2tbsp

Mirin:  1tbsp  → if you don’t have,,,


Potato starch:  3tbsp  → if you don’t have,,,

Daikon(Japanese radish) ground: about 50g

Ginger ground: about 10g

Leeks minced: about 10g



At first, we should drain the Tofu.

Wrap the Tofu by kitchen paper, and wait for 20~30min.


Wrap the Tofu by kitchen paper, and cook in microwave 600W for 2min.

Set aside until they are cool.

To fry crispy, we should drain well.


Cut the eggplants into half sizes, and make cross cuts on them.


Place the ingredients for the soaking sauce in a hotpot, and cook on the medium until just boiled.

After boiled, Turn off the heat. Set aside.


It’s a sign being 170℃, when wooden chopstick put in a hotpot, little bubbles come out.

Heat the fry-oil to 170~180℃.

And Place the Eggplants in the oil.

Cook for 2min, and transfer a plate.

Cool them and place in the soaking sauce.

Ground the Daikon and ginger.

Mince the leeks.

Just before serving,

Cut the Tofu into 6pieces. Coat with the potato starch.

Heat the fry-oil to 170~180℃.

And Place the Tofu in the oil.

Cook until they are fried-brown.

And transfer to a plate.


Transfer the Tofu and Eggplants to a eating pot.

And pour the soaking sauce.

Sprinkle the daikon ginger and leeks.


Serve warm!!

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