Chicken Doria | inspired Japanese recipes

 How to cook Chicken Doria

Doria is a food cooked Rice and White sauce in Oven until get lightly brown.

It’ll never let you down! It’s brilliant taste.

This food is called a food the idea came from pilav of Turkish food.

Doria has some types. At this post, it tells you How to cook Chicken Doria with white sauce made from Chicken and mushrooms and Butter rice.

I really hope you enjoy Japanese food inspired from other country.


Time: 25min without the time for cooking in oven

Cooked rice: 300g

Chicken brest: 240g

Mushrooms: 3~4 peaces  Either brown or white is ok.

Onion: about 60g

Cheese which can be malted easily in Oven: 50g

ーWhite sauceー

Flour: 1tbsp  

Milk: 200ml

Salt: some pinches

Pepper: some pinches

Chicken soup stock: 1tsp


Butter:  15g ( for sauce 10g for Butter Rice)



Dreid parsley: some pinches


At first,

Preheat an oven to 200℃.

Wipe Mushrooms by kitchen paper.


ーWhite chicken sauceー

Mince the onion roughly.


Remove the mushroom’s calyx and cut into 5mm.


Cut the chicken breast into 1cm squares.


Place 10g of the butter in a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

After butter is melted, place the onions in the frying pan. cook until the onions are tender.

Add in the chicken breast, and cook until the chickens are heated through.

Then, add in the mushrroms. Cook until they are tender lightly.


Add in the flour.

Cook, mixing well, until there is no lump.

Add in the milk in 2parts, and mix them well.

Note; Please take care of the heat to keep from burned.


Add in chicken soup stock, salt, and pepper.

Taste and Adjust them as you like.


Cook them until the sauce is thick.


ーButter Riceー

Place 10g of the butter in a frying pan, and heat on the low-medium.

Then, Add in the rice, and cook, mixing well, lightly.

Add in salt and pepper, and mix lightly.


Place the butter rice in a heat-resistant plate.

And place the sauce on the butter rice.


Top with the cheese on the plate.

Cook it in an oven 200℃ for 15~20min until it is brown.

If you use a oven toaster, the time to cook is about 7min.


After cooking in oven, Top with the dried parsley.

Serve Warm!!

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