Ume Shisho Roll | simple recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Ume Shisho Roll

Ume and Shiso leaves are good partner each other!

This food will give the flavor from the combination.

The good point is really easy to cook.

Also you can enjoy eating.

Chicken breast fillet is one of healthy food; low calorie food.

Ume has good one refreshing your body and stomach.

So, this is also a super healthy recipe!


Time: less than 10min

Chicken breast fillets: 200g

Shisho leaves: 8 leaves

Ume (Japanese salt plum): 2 pieces

Slat: some pinches

Pepper: some pinches

Sake (Rice wine): 1tbsp

Cooking oil: 1tbsp



Cut rachis from shies leaves.


Remove the seeds from Ume.

Make Ume into a paste.


Remove gristle from the chicken breast fillets.

Place food warps on the chicken, and pound them thin.

Sprinkle the Sake (Rice wine) on them.

Season with salt & pepper.


Place 2 shisho leaves on a chicken breast fillet, and spread Ume paste on it.

Then, roll them up.



Place the cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Cook the rolled chicken thigh until they are heated through.


Serve warm

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