Inari sushi Summer season Ver. | Sushi recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Inari sushi Summer season Ver.


Inari Sushi is a sushi used Abura age. The sweet taste make a lot of Japanese refresh from old time.

At this time, To REFRESH from fatigue of HOT Summer, The rice pack inside is with Ginger and sth!

There is a good combination; Ginger, salty-sweet Torisoboro! ,and Sweet soaked Abura age.

(so vinegar for sushi is made little week than ordinal one.)

It’s a food cheering you up!!

Try and Enjoy!!  but you are free…



SERVING:3~4 (12peaces)
Time: 90min
Ingredients for Cooking Abura age

Abura Age:  6 sheets


ーMixed dashi for Inari sushiー

Dashi:  300ml →How to make Dashi  →substitution

Sugar:  3tbsp

Soy sauce:  2 and 1/2 tbsp

Mrin:  1tbsp  If you can’t get,,,

Ingredients for Rice for Sushi

Rice:  250g →How to cook rice by a hotpot

ーvinegar for Sushiー

Rice vinegar:  2tbsp Recommend to use Rice vinegar or Sushi vinegar but Cereal vinegar ‘s also ok.

Sugar:  2tsp

Salt:  1/2 tsp

Rice for Sushi and ingredients for Mixed rice

ーIngredients for Mixed riceー

Tori Soboro:  300g

Ginger:  15g (1~2pieces )

Rosted sesame: 2tbsp  

Myoga:  3pieces  (if you get,,,)





Cut into half sizes( as like triangle shape), and open inside gently( not to break ).

If you need, make a cut.


Place a lot of water in a hotpot and Bring to a boil.

Let the Abura age soak in the just boiled water for 1~2min.

Transfer to a strainer and cool them.

After that, Drain them by pushing hands , and set aside.


Place the ingredients for Mixed dashi for sushi and the Abura age.

Place the lid (is made from oven paper sth,) on the ingredients and cook on the low-medium until the liquid is almost gone.

Then set aside to soak the Abura age until they catch the rest of sauce.


Take care not to burn. For the lid it’s bit difficult to check the bottom of hotpot.


If you have,,,

Place the myoga in cold water. And remove the buds from them.


Mix the ingredients for Vinegar for Sushi, and cook micro oven 600W 20sec.

Then stir and mix well.

Wrap food wrap on the vinegar and set aside until the step mixing with rice.



Cook rice by rice cooker or hotpot,

Before rice are cooled, Transfer the cooked rice to a bowl and sprinkle with the mixed vinegar on rice.

Then mix well as like cutting by spatula. And cool it until it’s about 35 to 40 degrees Celsius.


Cut Ginger (and Myoga) into very thin sizes.


Mix the ingredients for Mixed rice with the Rice well.


Pack the mixed rice into the Abura age.


Enjoy form your kitchen!!

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