Go-moku Takikomi Gohan | Japanese traditional recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Go-moku Takikomi Gohan 


Go-moku Takikomi Gohan means Five ingredients mix with rice in cooking.

This food is one of Mixed rice. Takikomi Gohan is one that other ingredients cook together.

The basic ingredients are chicken, burdock, carrots, Abura age, and shiitake.

But you can arrange them! Let’s say,,, chicken to konjac. So this food can be Vegan one!


This dish point is mixing umami form reconstituted dried shiitake and Dashi.

It will make big flavor and rich taste!

This food is also one of flavor from Japanese kitchen.  So gentle and comfort!

Let’s try Japanese taste with Rice ! But you are free.


and rice!


Rice:  300g

Dashi:  200~300cc

(If mixed Dashi (with water of reconstituted shiitake ) is less than 300cc, Add in the water until they are 300cc in total.)

Chicken Breast:  100g

Carrots:  70g

Burdock:  70g

Dried Shiitake:  3~4 pieces 

Abura A ge:  1sheet

Soy sauce:  2tbsp

Mirin:  2tbsp  If you don’t have Mirin,,,




At first, soak the dried shiitake in a bowl with 100cc of water.

It needs about 6 hours.


If you want to shorten the time, slice the shiitake into 3 pieces.

It will be about 3hours. 



Transfer The Reconstituted shiitake from the bowl, drain the water from the shiitake. Cut into 3mm pieces.

After that, mix The water of the bowl with the dashi.


Shave the burdock.

Cut the carrots into thin 3cm sizes.

Cut the abura age into 3cm sizes (5mm widths).

Cut the chicken into 1cm cubes.



Wash rice by just water, and soak in a bowl of water.

Then set aside for more 30min.


Drain the soaked rice, and place in a hotpot.

Add in the Dashi , Soy sauce ,and Mirin.

Even out  As the whole of the rice is soaked in.

Add in the Chicken, the shiitake, the carrots, and the burdock on the rice.


Place the lid on the hotpot.

Cook on the strong until they are boiled.

Then reduce the heat to low. And cook for 10min.

After cooking, Just wait for 10min,


Open the lid and stir the ingredients.

And transfer to a rice bowl.


Serve warm!

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