Mixed Umeboshi ,White radish, and Porks | Summer recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Mixed Umeboshi ,White radish, and Porks

Summer in Japan is really hot and humid!

The humidity take appetite from us.

So ,automatically, a lot of Japanese want to eat refreshing flavor.

It’s one of the reason that Japanese like eating Udon or Soba.

Anyway, this recipe is really refreshing! ,match to eating in summer.

Umeboshi (Japanese salt plums) use in this recipe.

For it, the food has a bit sour taste. You can feel Japanese unique mixed taste really.

Umeboshi has a effect to recover exhaustions. Also pork has the same effect!

This recipe is hearty healthy one!!

Let’s try Comforting foods!



Thin-sliced Pork: 200g

Ground White(Japanese) radish: 1cup

Umeboshi(Japanese salt plums): 2pieces 

Cube of Wasabi1/2 tsp

Mentsuyu(Japanese noodle soup base): 4tbsp

Cooking oil: 2tsp

White(Japanese) radish sprouts: 1package

(If you can’t get it, this recipe can make without it, it’s your choice!)



Cut thin-sliced pork into 4~5cm’s sizes.

Let ground white(Japanese) radish drain lightly on a strainer.

Remove seeds from Umeboshi(Japanese salt plums) ,and mush them lightly until they are paste.

Remove seeds and Cut White(Japanese) radish sprouts into 3pieces. Set aside.

Place oil on a fringe pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the porks, and cook until they are brown lightly.

When the porks are  brown lightly, add in the mushed Umeboshi, the cube of Wasabi, and the Mentsuyu in the pan.

Cook lightly and mix lightly.


Sprinkle the White(Japanese) radish sprouts on the food.


Serve warm!!

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