Grilled Salmon with Miso & Butter | easy recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Grilled Salmon with Miso & Butter

By cooking Miso, Miso get an unique roasted fragrance.

This food will give us the flavor of salmon with the unique roasted aroma!

One of points is Adding in ground ginger. It makes more Japanese spicy and less salty taste from Miso.


If you don’t like salmon’s skin, you should remove it. It’s no matter for this food’s cooking.(even though the pic are with skin.)

Miso is a very strong taste seasoning. So, you can enjoy just this food or with Rice.(This food matches with rice well!)


You ‘ve never seen the salmon with this taste, Might be.

Also, you can cook easily.

Enjoy easy strong Japanese taste!




Salmon: 2fillets   if you can, remove the thin hard bones from fillets.

Butter: 15g

ーFor sauceー

Sake(Rice wine): 1tbsp If you can’t get ,,,

Mirin: 2tsp If you can’t get ,,,

Soy sauce: 1/3tsp

Sugar: 2tsp

Miso: 1 and 1/2tsp

Grond ginger: 1tsp



Cut salmon fillets into 3~4 peaces, and season with salt and pepper.

Mix the seasonings for the sauce roughly.



Place cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add the salmon fillets on the pan, and cook until the fillets are changed color lightly.

Then, flip them, and cook until the fillets are brown lightly.


 Add in the butter, and cook ,stirring frequently, for about 1~2 min.


Add in the mixed sauce on the pan, and cook until the sauce coat the fillets well.


Enjoy Miso roasted flavor!!

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