Kin Pira Gobou – Burdock with salty-sweet taste | traditional recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Kin Pira Gobou

As a simple dish in Japanese kitchen, the one of those is Kin-Pira Gobou.

Honestly, many Japanese foods have salty-sweet taste, this food is too.

Sweetness of Carrots and the unique fragrance of Burdock with sesame make food more flavor and mild.

This food is one of little rich side dish from daily life, with warmth.



Burdock:  about 100g

Carrots: 70g

Soy sauce: 2tbsp

Sugar: 1 and half tbsp

Mirin:  1tbsp  If you can’t get,,,

Sake(rice wine): 1tbsp  If you can’t get,,,

Roasted sesame: 2tbsp



Wash the burdock and remove the skins by using backside of a knife.

Cut the burdock into thin-sizes (Slice).

Then place into a bowl with water.

Peel the carrots skin, and cut into thin-sizes (Slice).

Place the sesame oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the burdock and the carrots, and cook, stirring frequently, until they are little tender for about 3min.


Add in the seasonings, and cook, stirring frequently, until the juice of the seasonings is gone.


Transfer to a plate , and add in roasted sesame.

Then mix them well.


Enjoy Japanese taste in your kitchen!!

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