Abura-Age and Mangetout mixed stew | simple recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Abura-Age and Mangetout mixed stew

It’s really simple food. Abura-Age(Deep-fried Tofu) and Mangetout, both ingredients are so popular in Japanese foods, especially for homemade foods.

This one is good side dish. Abura-Age are soaked in little salty-sweet flavor. This taste gives our tongue pleasure!

Also this is just one of homemade foods. You can feel Japanese mom’s taste.

It’s an easy cooking recipe too. It doesn’t take a long time.



Deep-fried Tofu (Abura-A-ge):  1/2sheets
Mangetout:  100g  (it’s like thin green peas)
Soy sauce: 1tbsp
Sugar: 1tbsp
Water ( as like covering deep-fried tofu in a hot pot)



To do oil removing, Put a deep-fried tofu on a strainer and pour hot water.
Oil removing : remove the oil on the surface of ingredients fried by oil (deep‐fried tofu, deep‐fried minced fish , and smth). It’s for getting better to infiltrate a taste and flavor. then cut half vertically and cut into 1cm sizes.

Remove strings from Mangetout(it’s like thin green peas)


Place the Soy sauce ,Sugar, and water in a hotpot.
And cook until boiled.

Add in the Deep-fried Tofu.
Cook until the deep-fried tofu are flavored through by the liquid.

Add in the Mangetout.
Cook until the Mangetout are tender.


Have fun in the kitchen!

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