Teriyaki Chicken | chicken recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken, Might be, It’s most famous Japanese recipe over the world!

Teriyaki is a cooking way to cook until the ingredients are grossed ,with the sticky soy sauce flavor sauce.

salty-sweet Teriyaki sauce matches to many ingredients.

Chicken is one of best choice to cook with Teriyaki sauce!! Chicken’s simple taste is good partner of Teriyaki.

Cooking way  is also simple and easy.

Let’s try to cook Japanese Teriyaki at your home!



Chicken breast: 200g~300g


Sake(rice wine):  1 and 1/2tbsp

Soy sauce:  1 and 1/2tbsp

Mirin:  1 and 1/2tbsp

Sugar:  2tsp

If you can’t get Sake or Mirin,,, Check this page!



Make some cuts on the thick parts of chicken breast.

(if you don’t like chicken’s skin, remove the skin. It’s your choice.)


Mix the seasonings.



Place 1/2tbsp of cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Place the chickens on the pan, the skin is below.



Cook for about 3min until the skin’s side is brown.

Then flip them, and put the lid on the pan.

Reduce the heat to medium-low, and cook for about 3~4min.



Wipe off the fat on the pan by kitchen paper, and pour the mixed seasonings out around chickens on the pan.


Cook on the medium, flipping frequently, until chickens are glossed by the sauce.



Turn off the heat, and transfer the chickens to a plate, cut them into bite sizes.

Transfer to an eating plate. 

Sprinkle the sauce left the pan on the chickens.


Serve warm!

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