Ginger and Beansprouts Stirring-fry | easy cooking recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Ginger and Beansprouts Stirring-fry

It’s a recipe of easy-cooking.

Really simple but, this food is full of fragrance of ginger and soy sauce, Japanese seasonings.

Using sesame oil helps the food to be roast flavor.

Please try when you have ginger and soy sauce!!


Time: 10min

Bean sprouts: 1pack (200g)

Ginger: 10g

Leek: 20g  


Soy sauce: 1tbsp

Salt: some pinches

Pepper: some pinches

Sesame oil: 1tbsp



Peel the skin from ginger, and julienne it.

Mince the leek.



Place the sesame oil, the ginger , and the leek on a frying pan, and heat on the low.

Cook for 1~2 min until the ginger and leeks fragrance. 

Add in Soy sauce, cook for 1~1 and half min until Soy sauce fragrance.


Add in the bean sprouts, heat on the strong.

Cook for about 2min, until the bean sprouts are heated-through.


Taste for seasonings and adjust as needed.


Serve warm!

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