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How to cook Japanese style Hamburg Steak

This food never let you down!

This hamburg stake came from Germany food: Frikadelle.

However Japanese arranged the original one, This Japanese style Hamburg stake is different from the origin.

You know, This dish is so Juicy and delicious, it’s one of most popular foods not only for children but adults.

This’ ll make children happy smiling! Also us.

The dough mixed onions and Breadcrumbs is neither too soft ,too hard, It’s just, and in your mouth Juicy flavor will spread.

Usually, we use the meat:mixed minced pork and beef. But it’s your choice, you can make this food by either one.

Then, at this time we will make the sauce for Hamburg stake. This one make Hamburg stake even better, and you can enjoy this food more!

Let’s make the sauce with the Hamburg stake!




Minced meat (pork and beaf, or either one): 250g

Onion: 1/2 (about 100g)

Butter:  10g

Breadcrumbs (panko): 1/2cups  

Milk: 2tbsp

Egg:  1/2

Salt: 1/4 tsp

Pepper:  a hint amount


Tomato ketchup:  3tbsp

Japanese Worcestershire sauce: 1tbsp

Soy sauce: 1tbsp



Mince onions

Place the butter in a frying pan and heat on the medium.

Add in the onions on the pan, cook, stirring often, until onions are brown.

When onions are brown, reduce the heat and continue cooking. 

After cooking for in total about 8min and onions are deep brown, transfer the onion to a container to cool, and set a side.

Time-saving way (by this way, Hamburg may get more texture )

Mince onions, place it in microwave-proof container and add in small-cut butter on it.

Cover it with plastic wrap and cook for about 50 sec by microwave 600w.

Remove it from the microwave ,and mix onions well ,and set a side to cool it.


Stir the egg.

Place the meat in a large bowl and add in other ingredients without for sauce.

Blend them by hands until combined well.

After that, mix like stirring and make a meat-dough.


When a big meat-dough is made, Cut the dough into some peaces how many you wanna have!

Take one of the peaces on hand, and make oval shape.

And smooth the surface.

After that, release the air like throwing the peace from hand to hand.

Finally, make small dent in the center of the peace.


Place cooking oil on a frying pan, heat on the High, and place the peaces on the pan. (dented surface is down side.)

Then, cook for about 2min on the medium! , until they are brown.


When the pieces are brown on cooked side, flip them and put the lid.

Reduce heat to medium-low, and cook them for about 7min.

After cooking, check if the pieces are cooked well, by pointing a bamboo skewer something.

When removing the bamboo skewer, if some transparent meat juice comes, the peaces heated well.

If white meat juice comes, please cook 2min ,and check them again.


ーMaking sauceー

Remove left oil on the pan by kitchen paper.

Heat the pan ,add in the ingredients for the sauce.

Stew lightly with stirring.

Serve warm!

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