Salmon’s Namban-Zuke |salmon recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Salmon’s Namban-Zuke 

Salmon’s Namban-Zuke is Salmon marinated in Namban vinegar.

Namban vinegar is made from vinegar and Japanese traditional seasonings.

The mixed vinegar is refreshing taste, and not too much sour. Every one can eat it and love it.

Namban(南蛮) means Spain or Portugal in old time of Japan.

And the way means new one using oil and Herb for cooking.

Namban-Zuke means the cooking way to soak some fish in vinegars.

Vinegar is good in the summer to increase appetite.

Also, this food is really gentry taste, and good partner for Beer, Sake, White wine!



Salmon (row):  2~3 fillets

Onion:   1/2 

Red or Yellow bell pepper:  1

Carrots:  1/5

Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Flour: To sprinkle on the both side salmon

Cooking oil:  1tsp and 2tsp  to cook salmon crispy


ーMixed Namban vinegar to soak salmonー

Dashi(konbu) or Hon-dashi soup stock with water  1/2tsp : 200ml  →Make Dashi

Cereal Vinegar: 150cc  (Wine vinegar also works)

Soy sauce: 2tbsp

Mirin: 2tbsp  (if you can’t get,,,)

Sake(rice wine):  2tbsp

Sugar: 4tbsp

Salt: 2/3tsp


This recipe is cooking for non-frying salmon.

If you want to make traditional way to cook this one, institute for baking salmon on a pan, please fry salmon with potato starch(Kata-Kuri-Ko) on 180 ℃ in a hot pot with cooking oil (about 2cm amount) until crispy


At first, we’ll make mixed Namban vinegar.

Place the ingredients for mixed vinegar in a hotpot, and heat it until boiled.

After that, cool and transfer to a container ,then set aside.

Tip: after cooled, please use the mixed vinegar  to soak salmons.

julienne the bell pepper, carrots, onions as easy to eat.

At this time, we use a frying pan to cook, we should remove the skins from salmons.

Place salmon’s skin side down on catting board. Penetrate a knife between skin and body. Hold skin by a hand and going for the other side like zigzag. You can remove skin.

Cut each salmon fillets into 3 peaces, season with salt and pepper, and set aside.


Place 1tbsp of cooking oil on a frying pan and heat it.

Add in the carrots and cook until little heated-through.

Add in the onions and cook until little heated-through.

Add in the bell peppers ,cook until heated-through, and season with salt and pepper lightly.

After they are cooled, soak the vegetables in the mixed vinegar.

Coat the salmons with flour lightly.


Place 2tbsp of cooking oil on the frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the salmons and cook until both side are crisp well and brown.

After salmons are cooked, soak the salmons in the mixed vinegar before the salmons are cooled.

Place the container in a fridge.

Wait for 30min. You can serve them.

The taste gets even better the longer it soaked.

It can refrigerate for up to 4days.


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