Mixed Eggplant and minced porks with Miso | pork recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Mixed Eggplant and minced porks with Miso

Eggplants and Pork are nice patenter each other! It’s really nice flavor combination.

Eggplants are prime ingredient in Summer of Japan. Eggplants is good with Japanese seasonings and spices, also it has a effect cool down our body heat. Eating them in summer is really good choice.

This recipe make eggplants good partner for Rice!

Cooked eggplants and minced pork with MISO are ridiculously delicious. You will never stop eating!

Also, it’s useful recipe to keep in a fridge up to 4 days and mix other ingredients. For example, top on a bread and toast  it will be delicious!


Eggplant: 5pieces(400g)

Minced Pork: 200g

Bell pepper (Green pepper): 3

Ginger:  1piece 


Miso: 60g

Sugar: 2tbsp

Sake(rice wine): 1tbsp

Soy sauce: 1/2tbsp

Water : 2tbsp



Remove calyx of eggplant from eggplant, and cut them into 1.5cm sizes.

Also, remove calyx of the bell pepper and seeds in them, and cut them into 1.5cm sizes.

Julienne the ginger.


Place 1tsp of cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the ginger and cook until fragrant.

Add in the Minced pork and the Bell pepper, and cook, stirring like porks are fall apart, until they are lightly brown.


Add in the eggplants ,and cook well.

Put the lid on the pan ,and cook ,stirring frequently, until the eggplants are tender, for about 4~5min.


Add in all seasonings ,and cook ,mixing well, for 3~4min.


When you preserve them, transfer to a container and set aside to cool, and place in a fridge.

You can refrigerate for up to 4 days.

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