Egg on Chives and Beansprouts | Easy recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Egg on Chives and Beansprouts

Everyone would like to be satisfied with Easy cooking, Right?

This is one of Healthy and easy recipes from Japanese kitchen.

It never let us down!

This recipe never need any meats. So it’s for vegetarian foods too.(this food used fish things and eggs though,)

The ingredients we need are just Eggs, chives, and beansprouts!

However this recipe has tons of Japanese flavor.

This one is one of easy recipes even though taste of Japanese kitchen.

It’s very Japanese homemade flavor.

The toppings are only bonito’s flakes and Soy sauce. They are so simple that match to simple ingredients!

This gives us energy especially for Morning. This dish is recommended eating for breakfast, also lunch.

it’s really easy to cook and just short time to cook.

The most important tip to cook is To serve warm!!

Let’s cook together!



Eggs: 2  

Chinese chive: 2~3bunches

Bean sprouts : 1pack  

Dried bonito flakes: 1pack(5g)

Cooking oil

Butter: 10g


Salt and Pepper 

Soy sauce




Wash the Chinese chives and drain by kitchen paper.

Then, cut into 5cm sizes.



Place the butter in a frying pan ,and heat it on the medium.

Add in the Chinese chive and cook for about 2min.


Wash the beansprouts and drain in the strainer.

Add in the bean sprouts ,and cook for about 3min.

Season with salt and pepper.

Then, mix well.

Transfer them to a plate.


Place the eggs in the pan, and cook until eggs are fried.

And place on the mixed Chinese chive and bean sprouts.

Sprinkle the Dried bonito flakes and Soy sauce on the eggs. (as you want)

Serve warm!!

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