Japanese stir-fried Beef and Burdock  | home cooking recipes from Japanese kitchen

 How to cook Japanese stir-fried Beef and Burdock 

Have you heard Burdock? you would be surprised by the looks of it at first time, but , honestly, we eat it as a vegetable  a lot of times in Japan.

Burdock is really good staff for our health and unique fragrant. So there are tons of  the dishes it used.

This recipe is especially good pater for Rice. Also, this’s one of simple recipes of Japanese kitchen.

Beef is really nice for Burdock’s fragrance. the dish has the good combination gives us tasty eating time even though just this one eaten. You can’t stop eating it!

You can enjoy Japanese unique taste and texture!

Let’s make it together!



Thin-sliced beef : 200g   (included fat part some kinds is better for tasty)

Burdock (gobo) : 200g

Ginger : 1piece(about 10g)

Cooking oil : 1/2tbsp

Water : 1cup(200ml)

Soy sauce :3tbsp

Sake (rice wine) : 2tbsp

Mirin : 2tbsp

Sugar: 2tbsp

If you don’t have Japanese seasonings…



If the thin-sliced beef are large, cut into bite-sizes.(as you need)

Wash the Burdock and remove soil by  Japanese kitchen knife(Ho-tyo).

Shave the Burdock into thick sizes (as like cutting a pencil by knife ) ←it’s called Sasagaki.

After that , soak them in a bowl with water.


Peel ginger off and julienne it.


Place the cooking oil in a hotpot, and heat on the medium.

Add in the drained burdocks, and cook , stirring frequently, for about 2min until the burdock are little tender.

When the burdock are little tender, add in all seasonings without the ginger (Water, Soy sauce, Sake, Mirin, and Sugar).

Cook until boiled.


When the liquid in the hotpot is boiled, add in the beef.

Cook until the beef are cooked through.

When the beef are cooked through, Add in the ginger.

Reduce the heat to the low-medium.

Cook ,gentry stirring occasionally, for 12min until the liquid is 1/4 amount.

Taste and adjust as needed.


Have fun in your kitchen!



This food can refrigerate for up to 3 days 

Warm it before serving when you eat it

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