Japanese sweet taste stewed potatoes | home cooking recipes

How to cook Japanese sweet taste stewed potatoes 


Japanese eat potatoes much , not so much as rice, in Japanese dishes.

This is one of Japanese home cooking recipes, which made by potato’s characteristic.

Starch of potatoes make this recipe sauce thicken.

The thicken sweet sauce from Soy sauce and Sugar is good partner of potatoes!

Honestly, This is one Japanese small recipes which you can enjoy Japanese taste simply.


potatoes  400g 

Sugar  3tbsp  

Soy sauce  2tbsp


Peel the potatoes off and cut into 8~12 pieces. 

Place the potatoes in a hotpot and add in the water as much as the potatoes covered.

Cook on the High-medium for about 15~20min.(until potatoes cooked throughly)


When the potatoes are through-able by chopstick or a skewer, remove the 4/5 boiled water off in the hotpot.


Add in the Sugar and the Soy sauce in the hotpot, cook, stirring frequently , until sauces are thicken.



Enjoy Japanese sweet taste potatoes!

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