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How to cook A tasty pork giblets stew 

Honestly, Japanese like eating organs of beef ,pork or chicken(or some special parts of them)!

For example, head or tongue are one of them. we really enjoy eating.

This recipe is used pork giblets. When you pair it with Sake, you really have a good time in your dining.

This one of Japanese dishes gets even better the longer it simmers. Also you can have different taste by adding Seven flavor chili pepper powders.

Let’s taste Japanese unique flavor!


Time: 70min (contained boiling time)
pork giblets, garlic and ginger
Japanese radish , carrots, Burdock, and Konjac

Pork giblets( boiled ones)  200g

Japanese radish 150g

Carrots 50g

Burdock 100g  

Konjac(if you have)  100g

Ginger 1 piece

Garlic  1 piece

Water  as much as soaking ingredients

Suger 2tbsp

Miso(soybean paste) 2tbsp

Rice wine(sake) 1tbsp

Soy sauce 1tbsp

ーseasoning spicesー

Leek a proper quantity as you need

Seven flavor chili pepper powder  a proper quantity as you need



Place pork giblets in a hotpot, add in smashed garlic and thin-sliced ginger and  the water as like soaking ingredients, then cook on the High.

After boiled , reduce to Low heat, and continue cooking for 30min.

Then transfer to a strainer to drain, set aside.


Wash burdock with water and drop soils, cut thin-slice diagonally, and let them soak in water lightly( in few minutes).

Tear konjac off to pieces suitably, boil for 2min in boiled water, and transfer it to a strainer to let the water drain off. 


Slice Japanese radish and carrots quarter-thin.


Place prepared all ingredients, add in the water as like covering them, and stew ,skimming fat occasionally, for 10min on the medium heat.


Add in sugar, soy sauce, rice wine, miso, and stew more for 20min on medium heat without the pot lid.


Before eating, top with shredded leek and seven flavor chili pepper powder.


Serve warm!


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