Spinach with Sesame | vegan recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to make Spinach with Sesame

Actually, this is one of Japanese small dishes ,also one of vegan recipes.

Sesame is unique ingredient or seasoning you have feel Japanese taste,

Even though Chinese cuisine is used sometimes.

Sesame gives dishes special flavor ,taste ,and texture.

This recipe is quite nice when you want one more dish in lunch or dinner.

The reason is this food is one of easy Japanese recipes, so you don’t have to take much time to cook.

You can enjoy Japanese flavor spinach which’s different from Ohitashi.

Let’s check this recipe!!



Spinach: 200g

Sugar: 1tbsp

Soy sauce: 1tbsp

Ground sesame seeds(Suri-Goma): 2tbsp

(Taste for seasonings and adjust as needed)


wash away soil with water.




Bring  water in a large hot pot to boil.

When the water is boiled, add in a pinch of salt, place spinach roots in the boiled water.

Boil for about 30sec, soak the part of the leaf, and boil more for 30sec.

Transfer to a strainer to drain and rince them with running water.

After that, drain very well by kitchen paper smth.



Cut into stems and leaves. And cut into about 4cm each.

After that, place them in a bowl.

If you use baby spinach , you don’t have to cut.


Add in all the seasonings in the bowl, and mix well.


Have fun in the kitchen.


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