Japanese Style Pork and Cabbages | easy japanese recipes 

How to cook Japanese Style Pork and Cabbages

This dish is one of really simple recipes, also as much volume as one of dinner recipes.

You can make it really easy. 

The combination Otafuku sauce and Mayo is perfect one of Japanese taste.

The taste can catch a lot of hearts.

In this food, you can have a experience how tasty it is.

About ingredients you need are only eggs, Julienned cabbages, and pork. That’s it!

It’s so easy japanese home cooking that all ingredients are only that.

Let’s enjoy tasty Japanese homemade one!




Thin-sliced pork: 80g  (finely copped one will also work.)

Cabbages: 6 leaves ~ a quoter cut

Eggs: 2 

Cooking oil: 1/2tsp (for frying pook) + 1tbsp


Otafuku sauce (as you want)  if you can’t get, here is substitute

Mayonnaise (as you want)


If you eat more cabbages or pork, please add in extra amount. It’s your choice!

Also, if you had Japanese red pickled ginger, it would make this food better!



Julienne the cabbages finely.

Then, let them rinsed about 1min, and drained.

After that, place the cabbages  on a plate.


Stir the eggs well.


Cut the pork finely.

Place 1/2 tsp of cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the low-medium.

Add in the pork, and cook ,flipping frequently and draining excess oil by kitchen paper, until both side of them brown and crispy.

Then, place the cooked pork on the cabbages.


Place 1tbsp of the cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the High-medium.

Pour the eggs out on the pan, and cook , stirring bit, until cooked still bit soft.

Then, place the cooked eggs on the pork and cabbages.


Top with Otafuku sauce and Mayonnaise as you want.


Serve warm!!

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