How to cook Tori-Soboro | chicken recipes

How to cook Tori-Soboro

Soboro is Flavored fried minced meat.

Tori-Soboro is used minced chicken. But the one used minced beef is also popular.

Do you want to know the meal that have good combination with rice? 

This recipe is it!! 

What I love is the point to make it really easy. We use this to add in into Onigiri, to cook San-Syoku Don, and something.

The sweet and savory taste is really nice to use for everything.Especially, for arrangement to Japanese meals.

And more, It can refrigerate for up to 4 days, freeze for up to 1month.

let’s make some together



Minced Chicken (breast or thigh)  200g


Soy sauce  3tbsp  

Mirin (a type of sake with low alcohol and high sugar content)   1and 1/2 tbsp

Sugar  2tbsp

Sake(rice wine)   1tbsp


Place minced chicken in a frying pan, along with all the seasonings.

Combine them well on the pan.

Heat on the medium.

Cook,stirring well, until chicken is heated through and full apart each other.

Continue cooking , stirring frequently, until the moisture disappears. 

And then sat a side to cool.


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