San-Syoku Don | Japanese rice recipes

How to cook San-Syoku Don

San-Syoku Don,,,

It’s a simple but beautiful three color’s contrast, and ridiculously delicious.

San-Syoku means three colors, at this food, are Soboro’s brown, egg’s yellow, and vegetable’s green.

It’s such a good food for lunch box, Bento that I liked eating San-Syoku Don when in High-school.

Why? Cause, The food is still nice even though cooled, as well as served warm.

If you had Tori-Soboro, you could whip it up! (Tori-Soboro is also easy to make!)

The combination of salty-sweet Tori-Soboro and Japanese style fried eggs is so nice that we can’t stop eating with rice!

if you want more Tori-Soboro, Please place more on the rice!  It’s your choice!!

Let’s enjoy Tasty Japanese Homemade!!



Cooked Rice: 180g


Tori-Soboro: 60g~70g


Eggs: 2

Salt: a pinch

Mangetout(it’s like thin green peas)  12pieces 


Remove these strings from the mangetout.

Bring water in a large hotpot to boil.

after boiled, add in a pinch of salt, let the mangetout soak in the boiled water.

Boil for about 30sec.

Transfer them to a strainer, to drain and rice, and cool.

After that, drain very well by kitchen paper smth.

When the mangetout is dry and cool, chop finely and set a side.

ーCook Japanese style scrambled eggsー


Sprinkle with salt on the eggs and Stir them.

Place cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium-low.

Add in the eggs.

Cook the eggs with a spatula until full apart each other.

When the eggs are lightly brown, transfer them to a container and set a side.

Place cooked rice on a bowl for meals and topped with Tori-Soboro, Japanese style scrambled eggs, and the mangetout on the rice.

Have fun in the kitchen!


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