How to cook Omurice !! | Japanese rice recipes

How to cook Omurice

This is One of my favourite meals growing up, conforming meal.

Honestly, this quite nice recipe is from my mother! This one always gives us good time on the table.

Anyway,,,What is Omurice?? it’s a special rice mixed with chicken, onions, and tomato ketchup.

The combination is really nice! and make it almost easy.

And more, there is a omelette on the rice! it’s packed with bold flavors.

But… is it really Japanese food??

Yes!! It’s absolutely Japanese , inspired from other countries foods.



For Chicken rice

Rice :200g

Chicken thigh: 60g

Onions: 60g


Salt: 2g

Pepper: 1pinch

Tomato ketchup: 80g

For omelette

Eggs: 2

Butter: 25g (for chicken rice 10+10g, for omelette 5g)

Tomato ketchup: Moderate amount(Topping At the end)

Salt: 1pinch

Cooking oil: 1tsp




Cut the chicken thigh into 1cm cubes, and season with the salt and pepper.

Mince the onions. 


Place 1tbsp cooking oil and 10g butter on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

When the butter get bubbled , place the rice on the pan like spreading out.


Cook until the rice is brown lightly, flip and flake.

Repeat the same process until cooked well. After that, remove the rice from the pan and set a side.

It doesn’t have to cook until separated, it’s ok when it get warm well.


Add in 1/2tbsp cooking oil and 10g butter, and heat on the pan.

When butter get bubbled, place the chicken thigh on the pan.

Cook it on the High until the chicken is brown.

After that, add in the onions on the empty spaces in the pan like spreading out.

Cooking the onions without stirring.

Not mixing well. When the bottom side gets brown, flip them .


Add in the tomato ketchup for chicken rice, and mix roughly.

After that, cook them without stirring.

Baking ketchup make the flavor better.


When the ingredients are brown and roasted fragrant, place the rice again on the pan.

Season them with little salt.

Mix them well

Transfer them to a plate.


Stir the eggs well along with a pinch of salt.

Heat the pan on the High, place 5g butter on the pan.

Pour the eggs out into the pan.

Some places comes puffy, tap them with chopsticks something, and make soft-boiled.


Turn off the heat, and place the omelette on the chicken rice by turning wrist as like covering the plate by the pan.

Top with tomato ketchup as you want it.

Serve warm!!Yum!

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