Japanese Simmered Whitefish | traditional Japanese recipes

How to cook Japanese Simmered Whitefish(Cod etc) 

It’s a dish to eat whitefish tasty in Japanese style.

Also, it’s not too difficult to cook it.

It’s recommended one as a whitefish dish.

At this time, Cod fillets is used for getting it easy.

Honestly, Sea bream fillet is better than Cod when you cook by this recipe.


Time: 20min

Whitefish( cod, or something)   2 fillets (1fillet= about 100g)


Water  150ml

Sake (rice wine) 2tbsp

Mirin(a type of sake with low alcohol and high sugar content)  2tbsp  

Sugar 1tsp

Soy sauce 7tsp


Make the fillets some cuts on both side , if you use big fillets.

It’s to make easy to cook throughly.

Place the seasonings in a hotpot, and heat them on the High.

After boiled, add in the fillets.

Scoop up the sauce and stew until the filets changed color.

Put a lid made of cooking paper on the ingredients, and cook 4min on the medium.

(the best heat is bubbling in the hot pot.)

Chose the pan which fit the sizes of the fillets.

After that, transfer the fillets to a plate and Pour the sauce out on the fillets on the plate.

Have fun in the kitchen!


※ Need more cooking time when the fillets thickness are more than 2cm.

※ When caring about the fish smell, sprinkle much salt over the fillets, wait about 10min, then wash with hot water, and pat dry with kitchen papers before cooking.

※ Care about boil over during cooking.

※ Not recommend using a frying pan or shallow hot pot. Cause fillets can’t get cooked throughly in the cooking time.

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