Yellowtails with Teriyaki sauce (Buri no Teriyaki) | Cooking recipes from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Yellowtails with Teriyaki sauce (Buri no Teriyaki)


“Teriyaki”(with Teriyaki sauce) is one of famous cooking way of Japanese.

In Teriyaki dishes, “Buri no Teriyaki” is the most popular one. Also as home fish dish in Japan, it’s so popular.

Sweet Teriyaki sauce matches rice so much!!

This way is easier way to cook without using flour or soaking in a kind of seasoning-sauce.


Time: 15min (without waiting 30min)

Yellowtail  2fillets (1fillet = about 100g)
leek 1/3
Salt 1tsp
Cooking oil 1tbsp

ーfor Teriyaki sauceー

Sugar 2tbsp
Sake(rice wine) 2tbsp
Mirin (a type of sake with low alcohol and high sugar content) 2tbsp
Soy sauce 2tbsp



Sprinkle the salt over the yellowtail ,and wait about 30min.

After that, wash with water and pat dry with kitchen paper.


Cut leeks into 4~5cm size, and make  6 or 7 slight cuts on one-side of them.

It’s to make easy deepen a flavor.


Place the cooking oil on a frying pan, and heat on the medium.

Add in the yellowtail. 

And add in the leeks on the empty spaces.

When the cooked side of the yellowtail are brown, flip them.

Cook until brown on the both side.

When both side are brown and 70% cooked-through, drain excess oil on the pan by kitchen paper, and add in the seasonings for Teriyaki sauce.


Heat bit stronger than before, and cook them.

When bubbles from sauces get bigger, slant the pan, spoon up the sauces and pour the surfaces of them many times.

Do the same thing on the another side.

When the leeks are tender, transfer them to plates.

Cook until thicken.


almost finished

Have fun in the kitchen!

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