How to cook basmati rice-Japanese rice taste cooking

How to cook basmati rice-Japanese rice taste cooking

In Japanese cuisine, rice is a main food. Japanese cook rice in home so much.

But a lot of us use rice cooker to cook it, it makes us easy to cook rice.

The rice cooker which we use haven’t been popular in other countries.

Actually, at this site, we introduced the way to cook rice in a hot pot. But someone may think it’s bit humble.

So, at this time, there is how to cook basmati rice.

Basmati rice is much

easier to cook than ordinal Japanese rice. Also, its taste is nearly Japanese one.(I think though,,,)

Japanese rice may be substituted by Basmati rice!


Time: 30min

Basmati rice  100g

Water  2times amount for rice.


Wash basmati rice lightly with water (as like shaking by hand), then remove dusts with rice water(like rinsing).

Then drain it.

Place it in a hotpot, and pour 2times amount of water out to cover with.

Bring to boil by heating on the High. After boiled, reduce to lower the fire not to spill water out, then continue cooking for about 10min.

How to check done is look rice on the bottom of the pot. If it isn’t included moisture neither got soggy, it’s done.

Turn off the fire, and let it steam with lid of hotpot about 10min.

At last, flip and mix top and bottom in the hot pot.

recommend to use large hot pot when you cook rice more than 200g, cause after cooking rice volume rise.


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