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How to cook Japanese-home-stir-fried vegetables

It’s easy to cook!! When you want much vegetables, it’s quite useful recipe!

Mixed pork one is more popular in Japan. But ,of course ,we can make it without meat staff.

You know,,, it might be Chinese cuisine though,  in Japanese family we make it much.


It doesn’t matter your choice’s vegetable and meat.

At this recipe, use the following ingredients



Carrots 1/2

Cabbage 6leaves~

Bean sprout 1pack

Pak choi 1

Komatsuna 3


Maitake mushrooms 1pack

Shimeji mushrooms 2


Thin sliced Pork  300g


Grounded Garlic  2/3 tsp   ( be substituted by tubular paste garlic )

Sake (rice wine) 2tbsp

Oyster sauce  1tbsp

Soy sauce  2tbsp

Black pepper  Moderate amount  

Sesame oil  about 2tsp



Mix seasonings without sesame oil.

Cut vegetables.

・cut carrots thin slices diagonally. If it’s big, cut into bite-size.

・cut pak choi roughly, cut the parts near roots more fine.

・wash komatsuna’s part near root with water, and cut 4 pieces roughly.

・peel about 3 leaves off cabbage, and use the rest. Cut part near the core into fine pieces. Cut other parts into bite-size.

Cut mushrooms into bite-size.



Place sesame oil in a frying pan, and heat on the lower-medium.

At first, cook the meat.

When meat change the color, add in the carrots.

After the carrots are tender, add in the mushrooms.

After the mushrooms are tender too, add in the parts near core of the cabbage leaves.

After the parts near core of the cabbage leaves are bit tender, add in rest of all vegetables.


After all vegetables are tender and the level goes down, Pour the seasonings over the ingredients.

cook ,stirring frequently, until the seasonings mix the ingredients well.


Serve warm!!

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