Japanese Meat and Potatoes (Nikujaga) | traditional Japanese recipe

How to cook Japanese Meat and Potatoes (Nikujaga)

Nikujaga is one of the most famous Japanese Home cuisine.

Almost Japanese mom can cook it!

Dashi decides the taste. Please try cooking by each Dashi!

(You can cook it without Dashi, but we recommend to use Dashi.)

The cool one is even tasty as well as fresh off the kitchen.


SERVING:  2~3 


Beef  200g  recommend thin-sliced beef
Potateos  3 or4 (350g)   If you have it, the potatoes called “Dan-syaku”(男爵) is better.
Carrots  1/2
Onion  1

if you have…
String green beans  3

Threads devil’s tongue  50~100g



Cooking oil 1 tsp

Water  200cc  (or Mixed sea tangle and dried bonito flakes-Dash 300cc)
Sake (rice wine)  2tbsp
Soy sauce  3tbsp
Mirin(a type of sake with low alcohol and high sugar content)  2tbsp
Sugar  2tbop


・If you want strong taste, you should use Dashi.

・Dashi can be substituted by Dashi stock.

・The ratio Potatoes : Onions =2:1

・Sake (rice wine), mirin, and super are same ratio.

・About Beef, anything you can get easily is ok.

Beef with some fat is better making this dish.


cut potatoes

Wash  potatoes, carrots, and onions with water, and peal the skins.

Cut the potatoes into 3cm cubes.

Wash with water and drain.

cut onions
cut carrots

Cut the onions into wedges1~1.5cm

Cut the carrots the bite size.

Time-saving way of cooking potatoes

wash potatoes with the water and cut ,then cook by the microwave 600w for 2min.if so, you can save the time to cook in process3.


Cut threads devil’s tongue into 1/3

Place them in a hotpot and bring to boil once.

Transfer to a strainer and set aside. (if you have them,)


Wash and Remove string from Green beans.  (if you have them,)


Cut the beef the bite size If they are large.


Place oil in a hot pot, and heat on the medium.

First, cook potatoes until outlines are clear(for about 3min-5min)

Add in the onions and cook lightly.


Add in the carrots and cook.

When the surface of vegetables are little clear, add in 200ml of water (or 300ml of Dashi)

Take a piece of foil(or kitchen paper) to make a lid and place it directly on top of the food.

Cook on the medium heat.


After boiled, add in beef not to overlap each other.(add in the devil’s tongue same time )

(if water in the hotpot is less, add in little of water)

Wait until boiling, skim the beef foam

After skimming, add in all seasonings and stir gently.

Put foil lid on top of foods.

Cook for about 10min.

Keeping boiled is important after adding in the seasonings.
pierce potatoes

If a spit pierce potatoes easily , It’s OK.

If potatoes are cooked thoroughly, remove the foil lid, and cook for about 5min to extract moisture without lid.

Finally , add green beans and cook for about 1-2min.

Turn off the heat and Transfer to the plate to eat.

Have fun in the kitchen!!


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