Broiled Salmon with Salt |salmon recipes

How to cook Broiled Salmon with Salt

Broiled Salmon is the basic one as known as in Japanese morning.

It doesn’t have to use much time to cook.

Please try the traditional Japanese morning taste!!



salmon fillet


Salmon  1fillet 

Salt  3g

Sake(rice wine) 1tsp


Pat the moisture of a salmon dry with kitchen paper.

Season both side of fillet with the salt, and let it sit 5min.

And sprinkle sake on the fillet, let it sit 5min again.


Place oil in fring pan and heat, put the top side when eating to the bottom of pan.

And heat on the medium.


Cook and braise until the salmon are brown, then flip it and put the lid on.

Heat on the low for about 5min.


Serve warm!

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