Miso Soup with Potatoes | traditional Japanese recipes

How to make Miso Soup with Potatoes

Miso-soup is a essential of Japanese cuisine.

In them, Miso Soup with Potatoes is the most basic one.

We eat Miso-soup every eating time.

At this recipe, the easier way to cook by Hon-Dashi soup stocks is written.



deep‐fried tofu(abura-age)


Potato  1

Carrots  50g

Japanese leek  1/2  (may be substituted by leek)

Miso(soybeans paste)   2~3tbsp(40~50g )

Mixed sea tangle and dried bonito flakes-clear based soup(Dashi)  3cups

 (may be substituted by sea tangle clear based soup with hondashi soup stock powder)

Deep‐fried tofu(abura-age) 1 seat (if you can get) 




oil removing

To do oil removing,   Place a deep‐fried tofu on a strainer and pour hot water.


Remove the oil on the surface of ingredients fried by oil (deep‐fried tofu, deep‐fried minced fish , and smth). It’s for getting better to infiltrate a taste and flavor. 

cut thin bite-size


Wash a potato and carrots with water, and peal the skins.

Remove buds of potato and cut bite-size.

Cut carrots thin-half size as like half moon.

Cut leek thin small size.

Cut a deep‐fried tofu thin bite-size.


Substituted by sea tangle clear based soup with hondashi soup stock powder

Place sea tangle(konbu) and 3 cups of water in a hotpot, heat on medium fire.

When water color is changed, sea tangle(konbu)-Dash is done to make.

Add in hondashi soup stock powder.

Just before boiled, remove the sea tangle’s peace.

Place 3cups of clear based soup(Dashi), potatoes and carrots on a hotpot.

Bring to boil up once, then reduce to lower-medium fire and stew until potatoes are soft.

(sometimes take harshness)


If a spit pierce potatoes easily , It’s OK.


Add in deep‐fried tofu, and heat lightly.


Add in miso, leeks, and bring to boil up once again, then turn off the fire. It’s done.


Serve warm!!


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