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How to make Ohitashi-A Side dish of Seasoned Spinach

It’s a side dish of boiled spinach seasoned with Dashi (or soy sauce).

it’s one of the most simple foods in Japanese cuisine. Also it’s the most useful side dish of Japanese cuisine.

We can keep it about 3days in the fridge.



Spinach 150~200g  (when using whole of Spinaches, it’s for 4 person.)

Dashi(clear based soup)  1cup

Soy sauce  1tbsp

Mirin (sweet rice wine)  1tbsp

Salt  Little amount (some pinches)

Dried freak bonitos  Moderate amount (some hint of)


If you use whole of spinach, you need to wash away soil.

Cut the root of the stem away little and make the cross cut in the root of the stem.

by doing that, make easy to wash away soil without dispersing.


Mix Dashi, soy sauce, Mirin, and salt.

Place the mixed Dashi in a hotpot and bring to boil lightly.

After boiling,Remove the heat to cool the mixed Dashi and set aside.

Bring water in a large hot pot to boil.

after boilied, add in a pinch of salt, place spinach roots in hot water.

Boil for about 30sec, soak the part of the leaf and boil more for 30sec.

Transfer to a strainer and cool them with running water.

After that, drain very well by kitchen paper smth.


Cut into stems and leaves. And cut into about 4cm each.

(when they are baby spinaches, don’t have to cut them.)

Place drained spinaches and the mixed Dashi in a storage container.

Cool it in fridge more than 1hour.

Just before eating, place it on a plate and sprinkle dried freak bonitos on it.

before soak in Dashi, drain spinach well.



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