How to cook Rice | the way from Japanese kitchen

How to cook Rice

Have you eaten rice which is cooked by Japanese way?

Rice is a Japanese main food.

Also, Japanese use rice cooker to cook rice usually.

But we can cook rice by hot pot. It’s the way to cook rice by hot pot.



Rice 180g(1cup of rice cup)

Water 250ml


Rice 360g(2cup of rice cup)

Water 450ml


Rice 540g(3cup of rice cup)

Water 650ml

(Need another some amount of water to soak rice in.)

1cup of rice


(at this time, SERVING: 1person.)


Wash rice with just water until almost no milky rice water.

no milky rice water


To cook rice by hot pot, 

Let the rice soak in water well after washing.

(It’s to cook to the core)

The time is about 30min in Summer, 1hour in Winter.

Turn to white steadily from clear during soaking rice in water.

The step is over when turned milky all as picture below.


Place the rice in hot pot, and add in the amount of water.

Before cooking, stir lightly by hand to make the surface flat.


Cook on the medium heat.



Continue cooking for more 2min after just boiled, cook for 3min lower heat then the medium, and cook 5min on the lower heat.

You can see “boiled” as clear bubbled sound in the hot pot or bubbles come out between hotpot and lid.

no moisture

After cooking for 10min in total, open little the lid and check the moisture is left or not.

It’s over ”cooking” when no moisture.

When you see water or bubbles in hotpot or on surface of the rice, it’s a sign to need boil off the excess moisture. Cook for more 2min on the lower heat and check again.(The process continue until boiling off.)


After cooking the rice, let rice steam. Just leave the rice in the hotpot and put the kid on. The time is about 8min. Just wait the time.


After letting rice steam, flip the bottom up and stir lightly.


Serve warm!!

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